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Superior Interlock's Key Interlock Systems are proudly made in the U.S.A.

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Superior Interlock Corporation - Key Interlocks System Manufacturer

"Do Not Duplicate"

Caution should be taken about trying to obtain keys locally. Duplicate keys will defeat the purpose of the interlock system and we will not be responsible for the results.

There should only be enough keys to operate the system sequentially. Any duplicate keys should be either put in a safe place or destroyed. On breakers, the customer has to make provision to release keys only in the equipment "Open Position." Should the keys be released in any other position there is a shortcoming within the system.

The function of an interlock system is such that there will always be keys trapped within the system, depending upon the condition, - either energized or de-energized. No loose keys which can be easily removed should exist. A careful study of your schematic or one-line diagram will show you the exact location of the trapped and released keys.

Any abnormal conditions, which will be noticed, should be immediately corrected or reported to management. Tampering with individual locks or dismantling of locks will void the interlock system and should not be attempted. If an emergency exists within the system and you have to dismantle locks, the condition should be immediately corrected following the emergency. Tampering or dismantling locks will void all warranties. During emergency conditions when locks need to be dismantled and or removed please follow all OSHA, Federal, State, and Local regulations, (lockout tag-out, and proper pre-described procedures ).

It is essential to follow the key sequence. Short cuts or bypassing a necessary step may endanger the operator's life or damage expensive equipment.

All Superior Interlocks are completely sealed for your protection. If our interlocks are tampered with, altered or repaired in some fashion, we will not be responsible for malfunctioning.

Please keep in mind that Superior Interlocks are constructed of the finest available materials and should provide many years of trouble-free operation. However, due to the complicated mechanism and close tolerances, you should install the locks with care.

Any misalignment should be corrected. This should be done by enlarging the holes on the adapter plate, or equipment. Trying to align locks by hitting with a blunt instrument or hammer will destroy the internal mechanism, making the lock inoperable. Misalignment of locking member, where the interlock bolt engages, will create friction and you will experience a drag on the key. The locking bolt should be totally free, and movable with the key, without any effort. If excessive force is necessary to turn the key, do not use pliers etc., trying to extend the locking bolt. You will break the key.

It may be necessary from time to time to repair or replace some components within the system. All locks and components should be ordered from our factory or your original equipment supplier. This is for your protection and it will avoid dangerous duplication of keys. All original keys supplied with interlocks are stenciled in the back of the key bow:


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