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Installation Instructions

Superior Interlocks are designed and built for safety. To get the maximum benefit from our safety devices, proper installation of locks and thoughtful operation on your part is necessary.

We suggest you carefully study the Installation and Operating Manual prior to installing locks.

Before installing interlocks the following should be considered:

Installing the locks should be done in steps following the sequence print schematic. This assures you the key routing and functioning of the interlock system is safe and provides maximum protection for which the interlock system is intended.

The mounting hardware we supply with all locks is of the tamper-resistant type. All one-way screws, which Superior supplies, must be used to mount the locks. This is for mutual protection and will guarantee the safety and integrity of the interlock system. Should you decide to use standard mounting hardware, which is easily dismantled, Superior Interlock Corp. will not be responsible.

We suggest that prior to permanent installation, all locks should be test-mounted with standard hardware. After making proper adjustments, the standard hardware should be replaced with the one-way screws. This will give you maximum assurance that no one can dismantle the locks. After installing the locks, you should test the complete system sequentially, assuring yourself of proper sequential function of the interlocks. Any shortcomings within the system should be corrected prior to energizing the system.

Not considering the above guidelines, you may jeopardize the safety of the operator or destroy expensive equipment.

It is essential to have the proper locking disk, which will prevent the locking bolt being extended in any other than, the proper sequential position. Key release should be prevented by a fabricated member or interference finger, which will hold the key back, in the equipment, in an energized position. It may be necessary, at times, to manufacture shims or special parts in order to align the lock so it engages totally free in the locking disk.

Should the lock be used as a pushing device, where the locking bolt projects against a spring loaded member, locks with over-travel feature (OTF) should be used. The locking bolt on the OTF unit travels beyond the centerline and has the ability of releasing the pressure on pins and tumblers within the lock cylinder. This allows free insertion and removal of the key in the lock (when locking bolt is in extended position).

Door locks used on fuse compartments or enclosures must have perfect alignment between the lock housing and bolt eye, (keeper). Misalignment between the two parts will result in excessive wear on the bottom release pins. When there is misalignment between door and frame, use a different type of lock, which is suitable for door locking without crucial alignment; B-857, or B-1496, etc.

Type B-5003 should be used on doors with reasonable alignment between door and frame. Door locks are equipped with a key-retaining feature holding the key in the door-open position. This is accomplished internally with spring loaded tumblers and should allow the key release when the two members, lock and bolt eye, are joined in the process of positive door closure. Destroying this feature on the door locks will jeopardize the integrity of the system. Trying to retrieve a key from the locks will result in breaking the keys. Only when you join the two members can the key be safely removed.

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