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Recommended Maintenance

Although all interlocks are constructed of nonferrous material, there will be some surface oxidation on parts, which are exposed to the elements. This is normal. Please note that all units used in outdoor and harsh locations must have a dust cap to protect the lock cylinder.

The lock cylinders when used often should be lubricated with dry powdered or flaked graphite at approximately three-month intervals. The lock cylinders when used seldom should be lubricated with dry powdered or flaked graphite each time the system is used. The outside barrel of the lock housing should be sandpapered to insure proper fit of push-on dust caps. The interior of the push-on dust cap should be periodically polished with 320-grit emery cloth. This will insure proper fit of dust caps on housing. When dirt and contamination are a problem, the locks need to be cleaned. A syringe should be used, filled with mineral spirits, or other degreasing fluid, inserting the liquid into the plug of the lock and washing out foreign material from the lock cylinder itself. This will clean the internal parts, like tumbler pins, drivers and springs. This procedure should be repeated at least twice during this maintenance cycle. The liquid should be left for a few minutes to loosen the dirt. Blow-dry with compressed air until thoroughly dry. After lock is thoroughly dry, lubricate cylinder with flaked or powdered graphite.

Never use oil or grease or any other petroleum based product to lubricate cylinder. It will only result in sluggish operation of lock and will hang up pins and tumbler.

Should you experience excessive friction by turning key it may be necessary to dismantle the lock and polish locking bolt and clean bearing on lock housing.

Since all interlocks are property sealed and cannot be easily dismantled, it is advisable to return locks to us for repair. We recondition all locks at minimum cost.

Should damage to the lock cylinder occur, all components within our interlock system can be duplicated and replaced by ordering spare cylinders. We give you the necessary instructions to replace defective cylinders. Any part within your interlock system is repairable and all components, including keys and cylinders, can be obtained from Superior Interlock Corp.

In order to keep your interlock system functioning properly, you must initiate a maintenance program, as described in this "Recommended Maintenance" procedure.

Should you experience key breakage, we will, on a no charge basis, replace keys provided you return the broken keys. During emergency conditions, Superior Interlock reserves the right to supply the customer with spare keys in order to keep the system functioning properly. Catalog is available on request.

Should you decide to paint the lock housings, please be careful not to apply paint to moving parts of lock cylinder, especially the plug section of the lock. This is the part where the key is inserted. The paint may seep into the interior of the lock making the lock inoperative.

In locks with key retaining features do NOT paint tumblers (area where bolt-eye / keeper engages). The movement of the spring-loaded tumbler must be totally free to function properly. Under no circumstances apply any foreign material or paint on the locking bolt.

The spring-loaded hinges on the covers of the Interlocks should NOT be painted. Should the springs accidentally get painted, please remove paint immediately.

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