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Superior Interlock's Key Interlock Systems are proudly made in the U.S.A.

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Superior Interlock Corporation - Key Interlocks System Manufacturer

Ordering Information

General Information
Written Confirmation of Orders
Purchasing & Legality of Purchase Orders
Damage Claims

General Information

When ordering interlocks from our Company, independent of quantity, please submit proper information regarding type of lock, and catalog number. Select the correct type suitable for your application from our catalog.

The following information is necessary to fill each order:

  1. Length of bolt either in withdrawn or extended position, (specify position)
  2. Bolt projection, either right or left. If not specified, we will supply left-handed unit as shown on all illustrations in catalog.
  3. Superior will supply one (1) key per lock. Duplicate keys, which are not necessary within the sequence will be tagged "Duplicate Key."
  4. Key designation - A-1, A-2, etc., which are identical symbols will have the same key numbers and will operate with the same key.
  5. Special requirements should be marked at the bottom of the sheet, or next to the column describing locking unit, under "Remarks".

All locks are registered and filed under Ultimate User's Name, Street Address, City and State.

On systems for Electrostatic Precipitators, Generating Stations, and Shipyards, etc., Superior Interlock will only supply key supplements to operate system sequentially. Duplicate keys can be obtained after Customer signs a disclaimer called - "Manufacturer's Request."

Written Confirmation of Orders

Although Superior Interlock will accept verbal phone orders, we would like you to follow it up with a written order. At times there may be confusion or misunderstanding regarding key numbers, or type of locks when orders are received over the telephone. Therefore, we suggest you submit a written order, enabling us to confirm exact type of locks, or key numbers, etc., which you would like to order from us.

To assist you in ordering, please request a Superior Interlock catalog which shows drawings, dimensions, etc.

All orders received will be acknowledged in writing, stating quantities, type of unit, estimated shipping date, etc.

Our Terms and Conditions printed in the back of our acknowledgement will prevail. Any change in drawings or specifications or terms of sale may be made only upon mutual written agreement.

Superior Representatives have no authority to alter terms and conditions unless we are specifically notified and agree to special terms and conditions.

Purchasing & Legality of Purchase Orders

In placing all orders to Superior Interlock Corp., the customer will be insured of the proper materials per his specifications. The key numbers are assigned by checking our permanent key records, assuring the customer of no duplication of Keys within his installation. Purchase of any lock from Superior Interlock will entitle the customer to any replacement parts, at reasonable cost, including spare keys necessary to keep the system functioning properly. The lock combinations which we assign to the customer is the customer's property.


In order to insure the special function and security of an Interlock System, the equipment we supply will only be accompanied by one set of keys. We caution the customer against any attempt to circumvent the Interlock Key System or to use duplicate keys.

Occasionally, a customer will request that duplicate keys be supplied. In this event, for our mutual protection and complete understanding of the security operation, the customer will be required to send us a disclaimer statement as part of obtaining duplicate keys. In this statement, the customer assumes, full responsibility and agrees to hold Superior Interlock Corp. harmless with reference to the direct or consequential damage to life and or property caused by the use of duplicate keys or other attempts to circumvent the system.

After receiving an order from a customer, Superior Interlock Corp. will notify the customer of any shortcomings it finds in design or equipment selected. Should the customer nevertheless insist upon equipment, which in the opinion of Superior Interlock Corp. is unsafe or inadequate, it is clearly understood that the customer bears full responsibility for their decision to proceed.

Damage Claims

Sometimes, equipment is found damaged due to mishandling by carrier or other parties; consequently, claims for material, damaged in shipment, must be made to Superior Interlock within a week after shipment is received.

All material, prior to shipment, is checked thoroughly, pertaining to operation, quantities and accessories ordered. The interlocks are also checked sequentially, regarding key interchange and routing of key. After receiving material please unpack carefully and check each item per your order.

Each unit should be checked as per type, sub-type, catalog number, which is stenciled on the back of the unit name plate. May it be two locks or two hundred locks, layout the locks per your schematic diagram.

Check all key numbers and interchange keys with identical interchange designation. Should there be any discrepancy within the shipment, please contact Superior Interlock. The contents of the shipment should be complete unless it is a partial shipment. It is essential to notify us immediately should there be a discrepancy.

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